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Phone Stand TCCS-01

Phone Stand TCCS-01

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* Multifunctional Live Show Foldable Phone Stand with 90° position 

Our phone stand is the phone stand you were waiting for! If you are a content creator in the beauty industry, cooking, handmade, music, fashion or any other industries where you film yourself working on a table, bed or on a chair we got you the most stable, small and easy to use phone stand.

The LED lights can be change according to your needs. both the color (from warm to cold) and the intensity of tge light can be changed by the two buttons on the buttom of the phone clip.

We also provide you a BLUETOOTH remote control that changes the setting of tghe LED lights and stops/starts the filmimg or captures the image.

All you have to do is be yourself, create your magic, edit it if you feel like it, post it and be appreciated for your craft or talent.

Weight: 1,1 kg

The weight of the phone stand secures it's stability on the table, ground or any flat surface.



* folded 

length - 21cm

width - 8cm

height - 7cm

*open in up right position (including phone clip with lights)

minimum height - 40cm

maximum height - 112cm

*open in 90° position (including phone clip withlights)

minimum height - 21cm

maximum height - 86cm

*telescopic arm (including phone clip  with lights)

minimum - 35cm

maximum - 41cm
















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